The Science of Becoming Rich for Women contains high-level, modern advice for womenpreneurs everywhere. JB wants you to maximize your wealth and success, so she’s adding some exciting bonuses for those who pre-order the book.

  • 12 monthly issues of JB’s personal development magazine, Spark Success

  • Affirmations of a Billionaire, a powerful 30-minute audio meditation

  • A 15-minute Discovery Call with JB to discuss how to amplify your success and wealth

  • Early access to chapter one in two formats: text and a special video of the author herself reading it

  • Plus much more!

Spark Success

Spark Success is JB’s 12-month personal development magazine that brings you a new theme each month, containing fantastic insight from a broad range of empowered authorpreneurs on everything from perseverance, creativity, and happiness to expansion, success, balance, and more! Each issue comes with journaling prompts, a monthly schedule, and some issues even come with an additional workbook filled with empowering activities, so you truly absorb all the wonderful lessons in the articles.

Affirmations of a billionaire

Affirmations of a Billionaire is JB’s 30-minute audio meditation filled with empowering affirmations to help you develop a mindset geared toward holistic success. She believes having the mindset of a billionaire—not in dollars but in impact—is the best tool you can have to achieve your dreams and live your definition of success.

discovery Call with lady Jb

Join JB for a 15-minute Discovery Call and connect with her about your goals and ambitions. JB is a celebrated mentor and has helped hundreds of budding entrepreneurs carve a path toward their greatness and streamline their success. JB is an expert in leveraging your story to build an unstoppable brand. Chat with her and discover what is possible for you.

a reading of chapter one

JB is a world-class speaker and has spread her impact on stages around the world. For The Science of Becoming Rich for Women, she has decided to use the power of her voice and create a special video of her reading chapter one of the book aloud. You’ll find new nuance and meaning as you listen to JB’s empowering words. You’ll also receive access to the text of chapter one so you can read along.


Get these bonus tools and discover a new way to become rich in every aspect of your life.

Those who pre-order are gaining immeasurable additional insight, resources, and actionable advice from award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, publisher, and leader JB Owen.

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