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Within every woman is a deep, enriched power. An essential spark that, when fully embraced, can Ignite greatness. Women are change-makers with elevated mindsets and visionary ideas. Now is the time to revitalize that abundance within ourselves and use it to step into a richer life.

The Science of Becoming Rich for Women shares integral, consciousness-shifting knowledge for every woman who is ready to become their most prosperous self. Unlock a mastery of wealth that touches every corner of your life. Awaken your mindset and tap into the power you wield to positively influence your work, your home life, and your personal development.

Tap into your powerful female potential

Women are changing the world because there is a fundamental richness to the way we think, create, and live. The actionable advice shared on every single page of this book will evolve you into a brilliant, Ignited woman who harnesses that inner spark. 

This book is not about just working on your personal development or grinding away at your business. Instead, this book is about the high-level paradigm shift you can spark within yourself, a shift that provides focus, fulfillment, and overarching meaning to all you do.

Discover JB’s visionary, fresh writing and groundbreaking ideas in the excerpt below.

"In every corner of the globe, women are shifting the paradigm of our planet, pushing forth what’s possible, and influencing what is yet to come. Women are at the forefront of where we are heading as a society and how we will evolve going forward. Therefore, all women must become masters of their wealth."

- Lady JB Owen - The Science of Becoming Rich

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The wisdom that stood the test of time is revamped and recontextualized with brand new writing from a powerful, modern day female CEO, entrepreneur, and global businesswoman.

This book is for today’s era, where women are leading the charge
and redefining what success and wealth look like.


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See how JB supplements her own insightful writing with a revitalized, women-focused revision of the original book.



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A Note from the Author

Why is The Science of Becoming Rich for Women such a valuable read?

It’s time for women to step into their power and accumulate the wealth that is available to them. Women are changing the world and how we do business, and I believe that feminizing the knowledge behind Wattles's The Science of Getting Rich and updating the concepts for this era will benefit women around the world on a truly impactful scale. I authentically believe that we all need to build on and refine the knowledge we already have about becoming rich, and when we do, greatness awaits us. 

Stories are a great way to implement change in our lives because they create pathways in our brain that help us to remember and utilize the wisdom within them. This book is essential for all women who want to expand and thrive. The tools, knowledge, advice, resources, and perspectives within its pages will create a paradigm shift that will make you completely rethink how you accumulate wealth. Becoming rich is not just about the dollar signs and expensive things. It’s about living a life rich with meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. That sets The Science of Becoming Rich for Women apart from other books on the market.

How I’ve Made
My Life Richer

My journey is one of many ups and downs, transformative moments, and learning experiences. I’ve been a work-all-day-every-day entrepreneur, lived in that “grind” mindset, and found myself miserable. Why? I wasn’t living a truly rich life; I was just working every day on something that didn’t fill me with passion, fulfillment, or joy.

So I made a switch. I found a better balance between work and life. I focused on developing myself and evolving my mindset rather than only focusing on the numbers. I, alongside being a CEO and entrepreneur, decided that I wanted to do business in a way that excited and uplifted all the people around me.

And that is how I truly became rich.

"I’ve written this book with my own experiences and knowledge guiding me, and I looked back on the original The Science of Getting Rich to see where we have evolved and changed. This is a book for women who want to live a truly, exquisitely rich life—one that evolves and shifts everything we know about success and wealth to a new paradigm."

-- Lady JB Owen, The Science of Becoming Rich for Women

Lady JB Owen is critically acclaimed

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As with all of the bestselling books JB publishes, proceeds from book sales of The Science of Getting Rich for Women go to Ignite Publishing’s fundraiser to build schools for children around the world.

About Lady JB Owen

Lady JB Owen is a fearless female leader and highly successful entrepreneur. She is a world-class speaker, internationally bestselling author, knighted humanitarian, and powerful business owner. She has created award-winning products, worldwide brands, and published multiple international bestsellers worldwide, inspiring millions.

JB constantly pushes the boundaries of traditional ‘success’ and has an unwavering passion for challenging and inspiring others to do the same. She is motivated by the opportunity to assist individuals in breaking through their limiting beliefs and experiencing their own business success and personal triumphs.

As a transformational leader for women, JB fuses innovative business techniques with a charismatic flair. She offers powerful success strategies while encouraging women to step into their greatest potential with the feminine grace they enjoy. Completely redefining the business paradigm, JB boldly shows women how anything is possible and that they can Ignite their life.

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